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What is UDI Quebec

UDI QUEBEC: an organization representing $30 billion in assets

UDI Quebec (the Urban Development Institute of Quebec) – is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1987. As the premier voice of the commercial real estate industry, UDI Quebec acts as a partner between industry professionals and government entities.

UDI Quebec unites promoters, developers, real estate administrators, investors and lenders as well as other professionals in related fields.

The UDI pursues four goals:

  • To represent the industry’s interests in general and those of its members to improve the changing real estate environment;
  • To supply information and support in the continuing process of training and improving the business practices of its members and their employees;
  • To host events, exchanges and business meetings for its members and their associates;
  • To be a strong presence in dealing with all levels of government, regarding finances, development and organizational structures.